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Still no news regarding the below hearings! Keep checking.


The Joint Committee on Public Safety held hearingss on Wednesday, August 28, 2019 at 10:00 a.m. in Room A2 at the State House and the hearings ended at 4 p.m. after more than 100 persons gave testimony to our legislators. There were numerous proposals that will only impact the  Commonwealth’s law-abiding citizens while doing nothing to increase public safety. Many of these bills are attempts to make firearms ownership nearly impossible because of associated costs or requiring insurance that would never be commercially available. We will post any news as soon as we become aware of it going forward.

The list of bills that were heard include a number of already failed policies along with new anti-gun schemes:

  • One gun a month.
  • Banning all standard capacity magazines.
  • Mandating annual inspections of guns by local law enforcement.
  • All guns offered for sale must be photographed and test fired by the state crime lab.
  • Requiring liability insurance for all gun owners.

An extensive list of bills, reported to be more than 60, were heard at this hearing. Even if you did not attend the hearing, we are still asking you to contact your state legislator and voice your opposition to these extensive gun-control bills.

 One  of the more alarming bills seems to be a follow up on the misguided  “Red Flag” law passed recently in Massachusetts. H.2048 An Act  authorizing the voluntary disavowal of eligibility to purchase a  firearm. This bill would: “…  shall  establish a list of persons who disavow eligibility to purchase a  firearm, rifle, shotgun or machine gun, hereinafter referred to as a  firearm. A person may request such person’s name to be placed on the  list of disavowal of eligibility by filing a form with the commissioner  acknowledging the person has a psychiatric disability and is a danger to  themselves and by agreeing that the person shall not purchase a  firearm.” 

Interestingly  enough, the supporters of the “Red Flag” laws are adamant that those  laws are not related to mental health issues. Now they want a “list”  made of just that. 

Link to hearing details and bill list: 

Support:  H.2054, H.2050, S.1395, H.2055, S.1404, H.2066, S.1413, H.2072, S.1424,  S.1423, S.1422, S.1421, S.1420, S.1419, S.1418, H.2080, H.2099, H.2103,  S.1434, H.2122, H.2131, H.2130, H.2129, H.2133, H.2144, H.2151, H.2154,  H.2153, S.1369, S.1417 

Oppose:  S.1389, S.1387, H.2040, H.2039, H.2048, H.3843, H.3576, H.2046, H.2045,  H.2044, H.2077, H.3577, H.2097, H.2096, H.2095, H.2094, H.2093, H.2092,  H.2091, H.2089, S.1451, H.2117, H.3782, H.3783, H.3781, H.3780, S.1361,  S.1360, H.3927 

Support if amended:  S.1388, H.2052, S.1426 

Needs further study:  H.2108