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The Gunrunner of Middleborough has a firearms safety instructor!

 If you need your State Police Certificate to obtain your application from your  local police department for a License to Carry Firearms, please call Les  first @ 781-588-3159 to make your classroom reservation.  Les will be  conducting classes @ The Gunrunner in Middleborough on Saturdays @  10AM.  Classroom time averages 4-5 hours.  Cost is $100 with a  non-refundable $25 cash payment to reserve your spot in a class.  The  deposit can be dropped off at The Gunrunner in Middleborough, or make  arrangements directly with Les when you call him to schedule.  If you  schedule a class and then can't make that date, please provide no less  than 24 hours notice to Les and your deposit can be held for your  rescheduled date.


John Costa (Mr. Gunrunner) and Frances Costa (Mrs. Gunrunner) are the owners of The Gunrunner LLC in Middleborough MA. John is a member of the American Legion and the VFW and served in the U.S. Navy 1967-1971. Frances is a member of the American Legion Auxiliary and will soon join the VFW auxiliary. We each enjoy hunting, fishing, shooting, and camping. Our goal is to support your Second  Amendment Rights. We have teamed up with the USCCA (the United States Concealed Carry Association). They provide self-defense education, training, and legal protection for responsible gun owners! Come to the store, join, and choose the protection level that's right for you. There are three levels of membership, spousal coverage is available, and annual, or monthly (credit/debit card), payments are available. Or visit their website at this link: